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While it would not come as a complete shock to many that the national debt of America is increasing dramatically, the actual figures from 2015 are nearly unbelievable. Federal lawmakers, intent on keeping American funds flowing into all the right pockets added a total of nearly 1.2 TRILLION dollars to our debt last year. When broken down to the individual responsibility to repay that by the American population, that means that every American household now owes $9,500 towards just THIS YEAR’S addition to the national debt.

$9,500. The cost of a small car, and sadly, far beyond what many Americans could easily pay in one lump sum, let alone in taxes! According to, a full seven percent of the population of the United States, 21 million people, are in “deep poverty”, meaning they make less than fifty percent of their individual poverty threshold (determined by number of family members and age, among other things). Twice that many people are considered “food insecure”, which describes a situation in which families are unable to provide enough resources to buy the food needed to sustain their families, perhaps at certain times of the year.

Considering these facts, their share of the American national debt could represent their total annual income. Of course given the present economic guidelines in America, they are not required to pay any form of taxes, but what would happen when the plug is pulled by those holding all of the cards over in Asia? It never seemed to cross the Democratic radar that the decision to begin selling American debt simultaneously was giving incredible power to foreign governments. Who are we to disagree with the nations who bought 35% of our national debt, for if they cash in, we are done.

If America’s little artificial heart and lungs set (keeping us alive, even when we really do not have the means to do so ourselves) give out, what is possibly to be done? Left wing constituents are now beginning to realize just how likely this turn of events is, and are already working ceaselessly to enact laws to draw more money out of the higher class to compensate for their reckless and unnecessary spending.

While this method seems superficially logical, in reality the creation of mandatory contributions (taxes, higher health care payments) has been a huge killer of job creation. Even big business struggle to possibly hold job positions while being required to pay high sums demanded by federal health plans. Thus jobs are cut, and those in the lowest classes have even less opportunities to improve their situations.

Liberal promoters never had much trust in natural altruism, only coerced contributions. If the welfare system were more selective, only those in real need would have access to supplemental income. If businesses weren’t forced to buy into needlessly expensive public healthcare plans, they would be able to better flourish and create the jobs needed by the people no longer in the welfare system. If the federally-administered welfare system were abolished all together, it would be upon the people and businesses to provide for the less fortunate, and needs could be met on a local level, where better evaluation could be made of life situation.

Understandably, there is fear that no one could make the private sector support the lowest classes, and given the currently bloated and corrupt welfare system, it is not feasible. But if the roster of people currently accepting free government handouts was whittled down to honest need, businesses would find it quite easy to contribute to help the locally impoverished thrive. As in the children’s tale, “Stone Soup”, by Marcia Brown, when people see others doing all that they can to make their situation better, they are naturally willing to help out. If we let this play out in America today, a lot more resentment would be alleviated along with the national debt.