Linda Splashed into Focus on the Campaign Trail

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Hardworking families were elated to know that not only did Linda McMahon defeat her opponents to win the local elections, but she also valued the opportunity that campaigning on familiar turn afforded her to really get to know and serve families personally before she had to turn her focus to facing down big government bullies. Though New England is known across the United States for its expensive colonial homes, and exclusive seaside getaways, the area is no stranger to the brutal impact of bad financial decision making. The Great Recession left no stone unturned on the eastern seaboard when it came howling from the Capitol. Families that had worked so hard to provide a secure and honest future for themselves and their posterity were cut down due to liberal goals to please everyone at the expense of anyone.

In its idyllic offering, liberal media paints pictures of nobody having to work and everyone having a huge, new home and new car. Naturally, people who choose to abandon any sense of work ethic that perhaps they were born with latched onto the idea. Barack Obama notoriously soaked up millions of votes by sending out swarms of representatives from the federal welfare program to go into impoverished neighborhoods and convince people to quit whatever job they had, because President Obama would take care of them and give them a free cell phone too.

Millions upon millions of able-bodied people who were previously working their way up and out of poverty were suddenly pulled off the ladder they were climbing and their situations were made secure. With everything paid for, there was no longer a reason to try and better yourself or contribute to the world around you. Liberals continuously shared stories of oppression by the rich, but never framed it in the realistic sense of how every person must start with a basic job and work up, only buying what they can afford. The concept of “living within your means” never graced the scene in Democratic circles, and this became all too evident when the housing bubble burst.

Being heavily involved in the economic sector, Linda McMahon was no stranger to just how hard the axe fell because of liberal naivete. Undoubtedly she felt keenly for the suffering of families being rocked in the waves of unemployment and fear, and also for individuals who were taken in one of the greatest scams in American history. Truly a predator and prey situation, the soothing claims of limited credit checks and low financing, and the model home tours that promised luxury without any effort was like sweet poison. It bolstered Democratic support and revenue to incredible proportions, regardless of what would inevitably happen to the happy, new homeowners across the nation.

In a very short amount of time, private swimming pools were on vast public works lists requiring immediate attention as they became a widespread source of health hazards with thousands of new homes being foreclosed on each day. Previously internationally recognized homebuilders went under one by one, as government subsidies were like a water bottle on a forest fire. While conservatives like Linda recognized that the individual citizen -impatient and unwilling to ensure their finances were strong enough to handle such a major investment-was just as much to blame as the government for not making wise financial decisions, the fact that they were allowed, and even encouraged to partake in such a risky proposition that led to the fall of the global economy was absolutely inexcusable. Where were the warning voices in Washington to sound the alarm? Linda McMahon sought to ensure that America would not be taken again.