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Linda McMahon took an interesting route to government office in 2010. Her desire to take a strong conservative economic plan to Washington comes naturally from her own experience independently in finance and business management. Her story begins with the co-founding of the WWE, which is definitely a conversation starter unlikely to have been heard before around White House coffee tables.

The now-booming professional wrestling organization is a global phenomenon. This was not always the case, however. The WWE began as a very small company, staffed by about a dozen people. Linda McMahon worked actively to carry it to its present status of having offices in eight major cities across the world, being listed by Forbes, and offering jobs to more than 500 employees. Linda McMahon helped prod and push to get the company the entire way, and in the process discovered the necessary financial restraints and requirements it takes to grow an organization into a thriving economic entity, something she hopes will translate to her work in Washington.

As was previously mentioned, Linda’s campaign route can easily be identified as different than what has been traditionally seen in attempts at a senate seat. She has set a limit on campaign contributions to one hundred dollars, in order to prove to voters that she means business in wanting them to be able to keep their hard earned money in their pockets and away from government coffers. Her personal funds are designated for campaign financing, a feat that is far from the norm, but one that demonstrates the fruits of her legendary financial prowess.

Additionally, money that is often almost “up for grabs” provided by special interest groups for political candidates they want in their pockets is what she adamantly wanted to stay as far away from as possible. Being a staunch conservative, she knows that receiving backing from such organizations could be quickly interpreted by voters as “selling out”. So, keeping her hands out of the pot is her interpretation of a fair race. She seeks that nothing come between her and the interests of her voters, therefore, she will take no chances that they lose faith in her ability to deliver America from its rapidly accumulating debt.

Linda McMahon knows that her supporters count on her to be able to create jobs while limiting the influence (and especially spending) of government. She hopes that her resume will provide necessary evidence to prove that she is capable of reigning in unheeded expenditures and setting a large organization to a budget in order to begin the reversal of America’s vast national debt.