Linda McMahon Takes the Scene in her Candidacy

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Truly, the one of the best equalizers of nations and people would be education. It is the very basic ability to read and to write that underpins the ability to freely exchange ideas and constantly improve world dynamics within modern democratic societies. Linda McMahon realized the power that literacy has on creating a strong America, and began personal crusades to promote and expand the reach of educational opportunities across all classes.

As a directing member of the Close Up Foundation (which is dedicated to promoting opportunities for young Americans to participate in civics and the public forum of democracy), Linda McMahon drew upon her own experiences of teamwork and sportsmanship from her youth to facilitate programs that utilize these very skills to create young leaders. She was both an athlete and an honors student, and as part of several sports teams while she was young, she honed the skills she would find necessary to lead her business to success later on in life.

Linda McMahon realized the value of trying, and of not giving up throughout her life. Endurance was her constant companion as she sought new ways to get the most out of her educational opportunities. With firm motivation, she pushed through her bachelor studies to complete all of the requirements in a mere three years. In interviews, she mentioned that she relied heavily on skills she learned as a very young student, and as a fresh college graduate, taking on any job.

Perhaps this is why she was such a strong advocate for education, as she saw that any and all opportunities for work provide a person with useful skills, regardless of how meaningless the position may seem at the time. In fact, her life is full of evidence of valuing every chance to improve. She received her undergraduate degree in French, but went on to do work in only supportive roles for firms for a time.

Undoubtedly she had moments where she felt as if she was flying far below where she should be, but Linda always chose to look at what she could get from her present situation. From one job, she learned skills in trademark management simply by being an attentive worker and apt listener.

From there, she moved on to joint-ventures with her husband, once he acquired a professional wrestling company from his father. Linda McMahon never shied away from seemingly menial tasks, and was more than willing to do every job herself, ever proving that nothing was below her and all positions have value. When the couple acquired a small stadium on the eastern seaboard, it fell to her to cook and serve homemade meatball sandwiches for the fans at the sponsored sporting events.

The family was just beginning to peek their head above the rough times that hounded them in the past. Just prior to the new venture into sports, the McMahon situation was indeed bleak. Having given birth to a child just after her college graduation, and having another, they were desperate for any way to provide for their small, but needy family. Linda had to cope as best as possible as a new mother while her husband began heavy labor work in a ninety hour per week position in a rock quarry.

Having seen the top from the bottom, Linda knew her best chances would come from applying her education to all of their endeavors (even if she did not exactly become a diplomat to France). She had gained a wicked business sense from being forced to be creative to survive. All of these things she threw at the new opportunity to grow the former WWWF into an international icon. Of course, this did not happen overnight, but over the course of many years of endless work and application of smart business sense that did not come from any business academy.