Who is Linda McMahon?

Linda McMahon will always be remembered amongst wrestling fans as the wife of the famous Vince McMahon, the man responsible for the creation of the highly influential multinational media juggernaut known as the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Thanks to her help, the company rose to heights never before imagined, transforming the originally smalltime sports show on television into a genre defining business company. She took command of the company for a time as the WWE’s CEO and expanded the company’s influence even more through merchandise and promotions until the year 2009, where she decided that ruling the wrestling industry wasn’t enough. For her, there was more to her already successful life than just dominating the wrestling ring. For Linda, the next frontier to be conquered was the United States Senate.

Back in August 2009, Linda McMahon announced her candidacy as the Republican Party’s representative in the Connecticut senate race through her spokesperson. Her campaign trail would begin here, when she decided that she could do a senator’s duties better than the (then) incumbent Democrat Connecticut senator, Christopher Dodd, whose rating were on a slump at the time. Even when her husband Vince assumed her CEO duties in the WWE, wrestling fans and critics alike thought all of this was just a publicity stunt engineered to get more ratings until her team started airing ads and public service announcements on both television and radio proclaiming her candidacy.

Using her experience in the business sector as former head of the WWE and the help of John McCain’s 2000 presidential campaign aid Ed Patru, Linda McMahon started her campaign with a media blitz, where she announced both her intentions and her criticisms of the way things were being ran at the time. Ranging from calling out the Senate for its connection to the controversial Wall Street and bailouts in the aftermath of the Recession to the senate’s passing of the $800 billion stimulus package, Linda left no stone unturned when it came to attacking her opponents. Everything Linda and her team did was organized and planned out well, as they followed their own strategies and patterns but no amount of preparation would have prepared them for what was to come in the following months.

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