Linda was Unafraid to Address the Tough Issues

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If Democrats continue to perpetuate a tradition of economic bailouts, history indicates that another fiscal disaster will inevitably ensue. Immature concepts of somehow believing it is okay to spend someone else’s money reign supreme in liberal circles, as long as it is “for the good of the people”. But this Robin Hood mentality is far more sinister than the noble patch it has been emblazoned with. With the most powerful country in the world already more in the red than a large majority of other nations combined, they feast upon the notion that if we have made it this far without totally crumbling, let's keep digging our hands into the pockets of people who work really hard to create jobs and build the economy.

When the “Big Red Calculator” was introduced as a financial product to the American public by entrepreneur Matt Miles, it signified the first time many people actually saw the national debt in bold figures (and it is a big figure). With sixteen digits to its credit (or detriment), the national debt grows by a full two billion dollars per day. In a war of voices in Washington, Republican outcries are often overwhelmed by continual Democratic success at selling more of the national debt to foreign entities. They claim they have found a solution, but what is solved by having Japan and China owning large portions of Treasury securities? It seems such a fragile thing, to realize that even one wrong political move could cause any of the participant nations that own around 35% of our total debt to cash in, and show just how badly America flunked its math test.

What about the other chunk of national debt? Corrupt Washington officials have in the meantime swept it under the rug, so to speak, and they keep sweeping! With the vast majority of the American population ignorant of complicated financial procedures at the federal level, and therefore currently unable to voice a desire for change, Washington has turned into one huge casino, and payouts have nothing to do with luck.

To break it down, the world’s largest shell game is being played by liberal officials who desire to siphon more money from the American people into their own pockets, while simultaneously cooking the books. This is not a reference to the scandals of individuals caught in embezzlement schemes, this is a direct accusation of an entire cohort of leaders who pass down their tactics as they pass down their congressional seats.

But what if a conscientious American citizen wants to know exactly where that mass of national debt has skirted off to? Well, let us take a look: the biggest portion is owned by none other than the Department of Social Security. Take that in, the GOVERNMENT bought its own debt. That’s right, and that is where the shell game begins.

Shuffling Treasury securities around brings with it its own dangers: how will they ever really get paid off? How will the American populace ever be aware of the games being played with their money? What happens when the heat gets turned up again during another financial crisis? These questions and more are being addressed first hand by dedicated third party organizations such as The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, the Concord Coalition, the Urban Institute and the Peter G. Peterson Foundation.

So what needs to be done to enact change, and start the long, arduous journey back into the black? Fiscal education, for one. America needs to be made aware of the pot they sit in that is beginning to boil. Holding politicians accountable for the long-term results of popular politics would be the next step. Only the strongest Republican competitors will be able to endure the fight against ignorance and have enough grit to save America.