Linda's Campaign Efforts Were Worthy of Front Page News

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In order to best choose a political candidate to support, it is crucial to consider the end motivation for said candidate. If their ultimate desires are selfish, such as gaining influence for personal gain or having the opportunity to negotiate contracts globally that have no long standing benefit to the majority of the population, then obviously such a candidate should be ruled out from the beginning. However, discovering true motivations requires a great deal of work, far more than what the average American has the time or desire to complete. Unfortunately, this is the crux that a great deal of crooked politicians hide behind, and as long as they provide short, sweet answers that provide immediate gratification to an ever more impatient population then they are sadly sure of votes.

The above reasoning is why transparency in politics is becoming more and more rare. Politicians who provide facts that are easily verified, and can base policy on actual historical trends seem to be few and far between. But even when these requirements have been met, it is yet more uncommon that long-term repercussions (positive and negative) are openly offered, as that is of course, risky because so much of the population has been inundated with sensationalized media and fear-mongering that being able to weigh costs and benefits becomes almost impossible.

An example of such an issue with a powerful long-term impact would be the mass acceptance of liberal claims that taking the opportunity to work (and also the privilege of becoming as self sufficient as possible) away from a vast majority of citizens and providing for them exclusively through funding from the upper class will somehow make America’s economy more viable overtime. The far-reaching effects are deliberately skirted by Democratic candidates time and time again. They prey upon the cyclic circumstances of families that have maintained a position in poverty for generations. Often, political campaigns are designed specifically to feed the false, yet perpetuated sense of “victim-hood” that always binds rather than empowers.

An all too common theme flung across liberal media is that the circumstances of an individual are always dependent upon the actions of some outside force or fiscal enemy who seeks to exploit the lower classes financially. Encouraging the idea that people are unable to help themselves, unable to better their circumstances, and certainly unable to become self-reliant is one of the most selfish and underhanded tactics that spreads damage across states and generations.

In order to illustrate this concept clearly, an example drawn from a completely unrelated situation provides great insight:

Several decades ago, a large, international firm specializing in food production made the decision to access new markets to promote the sale of its baby formula. Representatives were sent to South and Central America, into hospitals and nurse-training facilities to persuade workers that the mothers deserved to live as the rich American women did, free of care, and certainly not constrained by breast feeding. They should be entitled to live as they wished and partake of what supposedly the more privileged people enjoyed. Thus, this information was passed on to new mothers, who chose to take home with them the sample formula generously offered by the hospitals, so they would no longer be “oppressed” with the inconvenience of breastfeeding.

Naturally, once mothers choose not to breastfeed, their bodies adjust and they lose the ability. Tragedy struck when the mothers returned to the hospitals with hungry babies, begging for more formula. They were turned away en masse and told that they would need to pay for the formula themselves, an expense that exceeded the entire annual income of some. Nothing was to be done, and a vast number of babies died as a result. This is the grim reality of promoting the feeling of entitlement for personal benefit.