The Energizing 2010 Campaign of Linda McMahon

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Active Republican and staunch conservative, Linda McMahon tore across the campaign trail in what could be deemed a self-financed blaze of glory. Due to her personal successes in some very unique economic endeavors, she insisted she carry the full financial burden of her campaign alone. After all, nothing could better indicate a candidate devoted to the cause of minimizing spending by the government that one who refuses major contributions to their own campaign.

Though representing a relatively small area in the northeastern part of the United States, Linda did not let the comparatively small population of her state deter her from doing what she needed to do to make sure more families were fairly represented when it came to big DC decision making.

When it comes to personal priorities, it is not often that you actually find a candidate who truly is so grateful to their family to the extent that they are willing to sacrifice time with them in order to help bless other families. Linda McMahon was just such a unique runner in the 2010 senate campaign, having devoted a great deal of her life to the nurture, care and instruction of her children and grandchildren.

That’s right, a grandmother ran for the US Senate in 2010. She knew first hand the struggles families faced regardless of income when it came to ever increasing taxes thrown into a black hole of never-ending government debt. She based many political views on the shared feelings of desperation that arose when the voices of her family and thousands of others like hers were ignored, because Democrats continually encouraged more taxation to compensate for gross spending. No matter how a family might vote against being charged increasing taxes for ridiculous expenditures and bonds passed around on the ballots, it seemed that their desires were crushed into the dust again and again. (Very reminiscent of a certain scuffle between Britain and the colonists in the 1770s…).

Because Linda McMahon recognized how incredibly blessed she and her family had been due to her financial successes, she knew she could not keep that blessing to herself, and she sought to use her influence to bring about great change for good and to solve the problems that were out of the reach of so many of her peers.

Leaning on skills she acquired over the years she worked tirelessly as co-founder of the WWE, Linda began evaluating federal spending according to tried and true techniques of good fiscal management such as budgeting, downsizing, and patience. Yes, she was indeed one of the creators of one of the greatest international world wrestling organizations, something decidedly unique for a candidate of any gender to claim. Regardless of the unique nature of this enterprise, Linda found in it a school of invaluable principles that could be universally applied, and in even bigger proportions.

It was the concept of “less is more” that Democratic candidates were never able to understand because the majority of them were career politicians and typically had no real business experience under their belts. Reigning in spending and sticking to sound ideals of finance grew what began as a tiny six-person office into a global business, providing jobs for more than 500 people. Linda realized that excess spending would never have brought her the tremendous success she was to be credit for, and was willing to fight tooth and nail to get these concepts through thick Democratic skulls.

Also deciding to deal honestly in all endeavors, both personal and public, Linda McMahon could not fathom the sort of hypocrisy that greed required of so many politicians on both sides of the ballot. While she was very financially successful, it would have been very easy to go about flattering people and securing major funding from other wealthy colleagues and counterparts. But if her speech to the government was to read “spend slowly”, then these would be the words she would abide by as well. I a radical move, McMahon required that no campaign contribution could exceed one hundred dollars, regardless financial standing of the contributor.

For it was not only for the lower and middle classes she was fighting. As a conservative and businesswoman, it was absolutely logical that larger businesses and the upper class had to be represented just as much, for they were the providers and stimulators of the economy that kept America’s boat floating, despite Democratic and Liberal holes being dug into the bottom of the boat so that everyone can sink “equally”.

With such a workload, Linda was afforded little time to defend herself from the competition, but she did take note and make it known when opponents proved to be too dishonest to be allowed to represent the people of America. For example, one key rival, Dick Blumenthal, garnered much praise, adoration, and financial support due to his veteran status. When it was revealed that he was in fact not a veteran, and had never seen military action, many of his party were content to sweep it under the rug. But Linda McMahon was adamant that risks of deceit should not be taken when the livelihoods of individual families were at stake, regardless of what party said person belonged to.

Battling liberal media also proved to be like drinking out of a firehose. Historically in America, when liberal voters voice the desire that the wealthy be taxed heavily in order to provide better incomes for other, it is almost ubiquitously due to the fact that these voters do not want to make any effort to better their own circumstances, but want the government to give them a great lifestyle, without work. McMahon’s Democratic competitors do not want freeloaders delving into their pockets anymore than the Republicans do, but they are willing to advocate for such ignorant practices when they feel fairly secure in being exempt themselves from the very requirements they seek to enforce.

Linda McMahon was a conservative candidate who understood that provisions needed to be made for people truly unable to support themselves, but that a real system of evaluation was required to overcome a terrible misuse of the welfare resources being squandered by Democratic supporters.